Your data loss can cause losing your organizational memory and disrupt your workflow. Take your precautions.

Service Definition

Data recovery is the process of recovering deleted, damaged or inaccessible data from a device in your business. This data can be stored on computer hard drives, USB sticks, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and other devices.

Data recovery involves determining the cause of data loss using a range of methods and techniques and then restoring the data. Data recovery involves data loss that can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as hardware failures, software bugs, viruses, deliberate user error, or natural disasters.

The data recovery process consists of gaining access to the damaged or inaccessible storage device, analysing the data structure, identifying the lost data and finally recovering it. This process can vary depending on the amount of data, the reason for the loss, the type of device and the condition of the storage media.


Data backup solutions

  • Classification of all customer data according to criticality level and creation of backup policies
  • Automating and monitoring the data backup process
  • Data backups to the enterprises' own infrastructures and/or to the cloud
  • Periodic testing and compliance control of data backups
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    Data recovery solutions

  • Fast initiation of the data recovery process in case of data loss
  • Creating and testing data recovery plans
  • Providing full support to the customer during the data recovery process
  • Reporting and subsequent improvement of the data recovery process
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    Backup solution management

  • Continuous monitoring and management of the data backup process
  • Updating and optimising backup policies
  • Testing and adaptation of backup systems
  • Managing and optimising the costs of backup systems