Start-Stop Automation (SSA)

If you have a large number of systems, you already know the problem that individual systems are used in a network. Thus, a failure of a single system may result in the loss of the services you offer.​

The dependencies of such services are of considerable importance. Do you have this information up-to-date in an emergency? Can you make sure you are not breaching your SLA.​

How can you automatically control an emergency shutdown or maintenance work on a large number of systems?​

  • Your servers and applications must be shut down NOW. Is your company prepared for this?​
  • Are all system experts informed and available?​
  • Have the parameters and conditions changed since the last test?​
  • Can you rule out DATA LOSS and inconsistencies after switching off?​
  • And how are the systems to be switched on again now?
  • You have the overview (graphically displayed) of your systems​
  • You can control the system landscape with one command.​
  • Role-based management is possible.​
  • System managers can manage their systems themselves (self service).​